Giga Entertainment Media (“GEM”), a Nevada Corporation, started out as a multiple systems digital cable operator engaged in the technological development, ownership and operations of digital wireless television systems and FCC bandwidth licenses. The company evolved and transitioned into creating the most sought after consumer friendly online entertainment service branded as “GIGANETTV”. GIGANETTV’s proprietary and award winning technology brings live streaming HD, live Cable, movies, any digital video or data, with enhanced user functionality, including simultaneous multiple PIP (Picture In Picture) expandable/shrinking movable floating screens on one site with diverse unique digital multitasking features. This further includes simultaneous multiple live personal or group chatting/conferencing, texting, blogging, emailing, social networking, games, web surfing, VOD, privacy of sharing any digital data and DVR functionality to any broadband enabled digital device. The viewing experience is revolutionary as the viewer or groups of viewers are able to watch and interact simultaneously with up to 30 video or data streams. The GIGANETTV platform is not device restricted. As long as the device has access to the Internet, the subscriber has the most optimized convenient digital experience at their fingertips. There is no need to purchase any additional boxes or install clumsy equipment to enjoy GIGANETTV on any digital or HDTV, iPAD, laptop, smartphone, or any broadband digital device worldwide. The Company expects to launch Phase I of “GIGANETTV” 4Q 2013 utilizing the Adobe MAX Award winning technology with all updated operating platforms created specifically for this diverse digital viewing and uniquely personalized interactive multi-tasking breakthrough.

GIGANETTV offers content owners immediate multi-platform distribution access for their programming with monetization of this content primarily driven by subscription fees, PPV/VOD and advertising

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